Press coverage with participation of ISRLA activists

October 18, 2017. Mechanism discovered to extend life of mice by tens of percentage points. Jerusalem Post. By Judith Siegel-Itzkovich.

August 6, 2017. To live forever. Channel 10. By Chen Lieberman.

April 21, 2016. To 120 is just the beginning. Globes. By Ranan Nezer

July 30, 2015. Death is not a part of Life. Haaretz. By Ayelet Shani

May 15, 2015. 170th Birthday of the Founder of Gerontology – Elie Metchnnikoff. Dorot. By Ilia Stambler

September 8, 2014. R&D for the elderly. ISRAEL21C. By Abigail Klein Leichman.

June 3, 2014. Is 100 the new 70?  ISRAEL21C. By Abigail Klein Leichman.

March 26, 2014. People at night. By Hila Korach.

MAY 1, 2013. Israelis excel in finding keys to long life | ISRAEL21c. By Abigail Klein Leichman

March 26, 2014. Aging should be treated as any medical condition. Ynet.,7340,L-4503579,00.html

March 16, 2013. Soon: Life Eternal? Channel 2. By Lee Abramivich