Call for research proposals of the Ministry of Health with a focus on preventive medicine and healthy aging

It is great to see the new Call for Research Proposals for 2022 of the Israel Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology in the field of Health will focus on “the complementary subjects” of “developing drugs and medicines” and “preventive medicine”, while the purpose of preventive medicine is emphasized to be “prevention of diseases with an extension of life and improvement of the quality of life”, while the primary topic in the list of priorities is research on “healthy aging”!

The budget is expected to be up to NIS 25 million (~ USD 8 million) subject to resources availability. The maximum funding for a research project for the period of 3 years is NIS 750 K (USD 240 K).

The deadline for the pre-proposals’ submission by the researcher – 2.3.2022 (15.00); by the institution – 9.3.2022.

Full details on the proposal (in Hebrew)

This is in addition to the recent call for proposals of the Britain Israel Research and Academic Exchange on Ageing (BIRAX Ageing) that also emphasizes prevention of aging-related diseases and healthy aging, and is also supported by the Israel Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology. The estimated funding per joint research project is £400,000 over three years (NIS ~1.650 million or ~USD 530,000). The total grant program is currently estimated at about £1.6 million (NIS 6.6 million, or USD 2.1 million). Pre-proposals are due by April 4, 2022.

For the record, see also the earlier call for proposals of the Ministry of Science, on Healthy Aging, with a focus on genetics and epigenetics of aging of 2019.

Israel Ministry of Science and Technology will support longevity research with up to 10 Million NIS call for research proposals

And an even earlier call on “Scientific and Technological Infrastructure for the Senior Citizens” by the Ministry of Science of 2014, with the second call in 2016, that were also encouraged by longevity advocacy.

Hoping for further support for the research, development and education for the prevention of aging-related diseases, for healthy longevity and quality of life, so the field can bring results as soon as possible!