Knesset Hearing on Research, Development and Education for the Promotion of Healthy Longevity and Prevention of Aging-related Diseases

Longevity Month – October 2016. 

Longevity Day – International Day of Older Persons – October 1 – 2015.

May 15 – 2015. Metchnikoff Day – In honor of the Founder of Gerontology. Bar Ilan University.

March 26 – 2014. National Conference – Israel Science Day – “Pathways to Healthy Longevity“. Bar Ilan University

October 1 – 2013. International Longevity Day – National Conference -“From Biology of Aging to Longevity and Quality of Life”. Hemda Science Education Center. Tel Aviv

March 10-13 – 2013. The 8th European Congress of Biogerontology: Healthy Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Beer Sheva University (co-organizing)