Press coverage with participation of ISRLA/VETEK activists

10 March 2024. Reductionism and Holism in the History of Aging Research. USTP

November 19, 2023. In times of war: Continue working for healthy longevity. The Jerusalem Post. Ilia Stambler (opinion article)

Promotion of cooperation in the longevity field between Israel and Latvia‐niecibas-konference

Interview on the connection between neurodegeneration and loneliness in older people. Radio Reka in Russian. 25 July 2023

Media coverage of the Longevity Day demonstration organized by Vetek association in Tel Aviv on October 1, 2023, in cooperation with the Longevity Day demonstrations in 10 other countries:

Davar. 1 October 2023

Maariv. 1 October 2023

Promotion of cooperation in the longevity field between Israel and India 

Maariv 20 June 2023

103 FM Radio, 26 June 2023

Media coverage of the Longevity Nation conference, organized by Vetek Association in Bar-Ilan University, on March 26-27, 2023:‐tion-for-healthy-longevity/‐ference-in-tel-aviv-showcases-israel-s-status-as-a-leading-international-longevity-hub


Longevity Nation- The Jerusalem Post – In Jerusalem – 14 April 2023‐rael-longevity-industry-ecosystem-revealed-open-access-it-platform-and-inter‐active-database‐come-europes-first-longevity-state/

Global Fertility and Aging. 11 March 2023. NTVRussia.

Biogerontology Research Foundation Announces New Trustee Appointments and Strategic Partnerships with VETEK and ATLAS. 25 January 2023‐search-foundation-announces-new-trustee-appointments-and-strategic-partner‐ships-with-vetek-and-atlas

EINPresswire-Report BGRF 2-613302068-biogerontology-research-foundation-announces-new-trustee-appointments-and-strategic-partnerships-with-vetek-and-atlas‐nounces-new-trustee-appointments-and-strategic-partnerships-wit

March 10, 2022. Live Long. Reklama (Russian). Live Long 

Haim Berama TV. March 9, 2022

March 26, 2022. Life expectancy in Israel. Radio Reka (Russian)

December 13, 2021. Healthy Longevity – Achievements and Problems. Report of the Vetek Conference November 25, 2021. Detaly (Russian)

March 20, 2021. Exodus as freedom from aging (PassOver the Old Age). MosT – Moscow Tel Aviv (in Russian). Leon Peshkin, Ilia Stambler. MosT – PassOver the Old Age – March 2021 Short version in NewsRu, April 7, 2021.

January 5, 2021. From aging to chronic wounds, can hyperbaric oxygen cure everything? Israel21c. Abigail Klein Leichman.

September 15, 2020. We can do more to help the elderly cope with the COVID-19 crisis. The Jerusalem Post. Ilia Stambler (opinion article).

April 29, 2020. These scientists are trying to hack life—to solve death. Wired Middle East. Laura Mackenzie.

Children are almost not hurt by the Coronavirus. And the cause for this may save many older people. Haaretz. Asaf Ronel.

Haaretz – Aging research against COVID19

March 7, 2020. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy shows promise in treating COVID-19. Zhang Liying.

March 6, 2020. A researcher who successfully tested a treatment for the new coronavirus on 7 patients: “If it proves safe, it will be used for as many as possible” (in Romanian). Libertatea. Laura Ștefănuț.

May 1, 2019. Israel Fast Becoming World Hub of Aging Industry. Israel 21c. Abigail Klein Leichman.

September 2018. 25 fascinating facts about youth, longevity and immortality.  Menta Yediot Aharonot. Erela Ben-Shachar.


September 2018. To 150. Shaa Tova. A. Gevirtz.

Shaa Tova – September 2018 – 150

July 9, 2018. Zero budget in the national insurance institute and the ministry of health in 2018 for the study of aging (based on Knesset press release). Hayadan. News1.

October 18, 2017. Mechanism discovered to extend life of mice by tens of percentage points. Jerusalem Post. Judith Siegel-Itzkovich.

August 6, 2017. To live forever. Channel 10. Chen Lieberman. 

May 13, 2017. Longevity and aging: focus of Israeli int’l biomed confab. Israel 21c. Abigail Klein Leichman.

December 11, 2016. Interview with PhD Ilia Stambler: Will human being reach immortality? Huffington Post. Eduardo Riveros.

December 1, 2016. If it were possible to go back. Mako Magazine. Oded Carmeli.

November 29, 2016. “Pollard was not my only failure”: Rafi Eitan does not leave any drawers closed. A special and intimate interview in honor of his 90th birthday. Maariv. Jacob Bar-On.

April 21, 2016. To 120 is just the beginning. Globes. Ranan Nezer.

July 30, 2015. Death is not a part of Life. Haaretz. Ayelet Shani. 

Death is not a part of life – Haaretz – July 2015

May 15, 2015. 170th Birthday of the Founder of Gerontology – Elie Metchnnikoff. Dorot. Ilia Stambler.

October, 13, 2014. The present, the past and the future of longevity research. DNA India. Ilia Stambler.

September 8, 2014. R&D for the elderly. ISRAEL21C. Abigail Klein Leichman.

June 3, 2014. Is 100 the new 70?  ISRAEL21C. Abigail Klein Leichman.

March 26, 2014. People at night. Hila Korach.

March 26, 2014. Aging should be treated as any medical condition. Ynet.,7340,L-4503579,00.html

MAY 1, 2013. Israelis excel in finding keys to long life | ISRAEL21c. Abigail Klein Leichman.

March 21, 2013. The person who declared war on death. Time Out Tel Aviv.  Oded Carmeli.

March 16, 2013. Soon: Life Eternal? Channel 2. By Lee Abramivich.

December 3, 2012. The vision of eternal life and the technological scientific developments that will get us there. Maariv. Eli Eshed.

July 17, 2012. Political struggle against the disease of aging. Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET). Ilia Stambler (opinion article).

March 23, 2012. Halachic Attitude to Cryonics. The Schlesinger Institute for Medical-Halachic Research. Ilia Stambler (opinion). Halachic Attitude to Cryonics

March 8, 2012. Create Law (Law Proposal for the Establishment of the National Advisory Committee for the Struggle against the Disease of Aging, submitted to MKs on February 27, 2012). Time Out Tel Aviv. Oded Carmeli. Ilia Stambler. Time Out Tel Aviv – Law Proposal against the Disease of Aging – March 2012

January 5. 2012. Let it never end. Time Out Tel Aviv. Yoav Brill. Let it never end – Time Out Tel Aviv

April 9, 2010. Technological acceleration will lead to an evolutionary change of human beings. Haaretz. Asaf Shtull-Trauring.