Alon Braun joins the Quantified Longevity Guide leadership team of the Israeli Longevity Alliance

Quantified Longevity Guide (QLG) is an on-going project of the Israeli Longevity Alliance (ISRLA) in cooperation with Vetek (Seniority) Association – the Senior Citizens Movement (Israel)

This is a dynamic multidisciplinary research and development project dedicated to mathematical diagnostic modeling of aging and aging-related diseases, for the purposes of their early preventative and personalized therapy.

Quantified Longevity Guide develops a practically applicable and at the same time sophisticated expert software system for indication of physiological age, for early diagnosis of aging-related ill health and personalization of aging-related and healthspan extending treatments. The system will facilitate early detection and corresponding preventive early treatment of major aging-related diseases (such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and diabetes), based on the assessment of physiological age.

The main advantage of the proposed system is in terms of methodology: Providing an integrated approach that takes into consideration the non-linear interrelation of a multitude of parameters – biomarkers and intervention factors, using information theoretical measures, such as entropy and mutual information, rather than linear statistical measures.

The resulting analytical software system will use the methodology of information theory that will uniquely allow the selection of the most beneficial and economical individual factors and factors’ combinations for combating chronic age-related diseases and increasing the health span, indicating physiological age as a cost-effective method of preclinical diagnosis for a variety of chronic age-related diseases, while enabling long-term evaluation and prediction of effectiveness of individual and combined therapies.

The QLG project is a recognized commitment at the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging (EIP-AHA) within the action group: A3 Lifespan Health Promotion & Prevention of Age Related Frailty and Disease

The results of this project have been presented in numerous scientific publications, in journals such as Progress in Neurobiology (impact factor – 14.1)Aging and Disease, Cancer Detection and Prevention, Mechanisms of Aging and Development, Geroscience and other journals.

The results of this project have also been presented at international conferences on aging and diseases of the International Society on Aging and Disease (ISOAD) in Beijing, China, in 2014, Stanford, US, in 2016, and Nice, France, in 2018 and other conferences.

Now the project has received a strong boost with Mr. Alon Braun joining the project leadership team as an operation and research advisor. With Mr. Braun joining the team, the project will be able to employ advanced management and decision-making techniques as well as place a stronger emphasis on cognitive evaluation (such as short-term memory) in its panel of diagnostic and predictive markers of aging and aging-related diseases.

Alon Braun is an entrepreneur and online marketing guru and business accelerator strategist. Alon is best known for identifying growth strategies using technology and data. He was recently named #1 among Top 30 international entrepreneurs in the world by Entrepreneur Magazine. 

Alon Braun started his career as a programmer in the Israel Defense Forces. During this time, he built his first startup, Webstare, which was founded by Apple Israel.

After his service, Braun joined the Hebrew University faculty of earth sciences where he received his master’s degree in oceanography. From there, he specialized in plant molecular biology, marine microscopy, and paleontology.

Alon is a master at decision making, especially helping people make difficult decisions. One of the ways he helps is by understanding cognitive hacks that allow persons to maximize their cognitive load capacity, such that people who have to make complex long-range decisions involving factors which are difficult to measure, can make those decisions optimally and simply using his techniques.

Welcome aboard Alon and looking forward to the successful development and implementation of the Quantified Longevity Guide project!