Longevity Industry Ecosystem in Israel – IT platform and report

We are happy to further promote Israel’s Longevity R&D and Education ecosystem and its cooperation with the world, by launching a joint analytical report and IT platform – “The Longevity Industry Ecosystem in Israel” – a cooperative effort of the Vetek (Seniority) Association – the Movement for Longevity and Quality of Life (Israel), with our international strategic partners – Deep Knowledge Group, Longevity.International (Switzerland), Aging Analytics Agency, ATLAS Advocacy, and Biogerontology Research Foundation (UK).

Wishing for the flourishing and bearing fruit of the Longevity field in Israel and around the world through international cooperation!

See the press release about the IT platform and report launch


“The Longevity Industry Ecosystem in Israel” IT platform, including interactive dashboards, mindmaps and the free report “Longevity Industry in Israel 2023”


The site of the Vetek Association and the Longevity Nation conference that work to enhance the Longevity ecosystem in Israel.