Organizing the Longevity Month Campaign for October 2019

As every year since 2013, about three months ahead, we start preparing for the Longevity Month campaign in October (also commonly designated as “Longevity Day” for particular daily events during October). This traditional campaign has combined the activities of many organizations and individual activists working to promote research, development and application for healthy longevity around the world. During the years, hundreds of events, publications and other promotional actions were organized in dozens of countries in the framework of this campaign. These activities help build up the longevity activism into a massive global grassroots movement with a sizable impact on public health and research policy. 

Since the beginning and to the present, Israeli Longevity activists, in particular friends of the Israeli Longevity Alliance, have been an active and leading force in this campaign, also now.

Here are some examples of the past activities.

This year too, we invite you to organize longevity-related events, publications and promotions during the month of October, advocating to enhance research, development and education for the promotion of healthy longevity and prevention of aging-related diseases.

If you organize or participate in an event, publication or promotion in your country, please contact us, so we could present and combine the events together as a united global campaign.  Thank you for your support and involvement!